Might I Pique Your Interest?

Am I the only one who has wonderful conversations with wonderful friends and then later thinks, “that would have been amazing as a podcast?”

One of the funniest jokes I have ever heard is podcasts are to men what OnlyFans accounts are to women. Aside from the sexist nature of the joke, it did leave me wondering what podcasts are to Queer people like me who are constantly seeking out voices who can, if not at the very least confirm, validate my existence and let me know that it does get better, and I am not “crazy” or “overly sensitive” for thinking and feeling the way I do at times.

And that is what the Piquing Duck podcast is all about. You will get to hear what I describe as otherwise forgotten voices of us Queer individuals who call the Far East home. This is a wonderful place of magic, history, love, possibility, and freedom beyond the conventional.

Don’t let political rhetoric and labeling fool you. Far East Asia is home to the most diverse cast of, for lack of a better word, misfits and the displaced, all looking for a place called home, and the Piquing Duck Podcast will focus on tackling just such issues of home and belonging when you are this far away from home.

So, welcome and stay a while!

Welcome to the introductory episode of the Piquing Duck Podcast

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