About Piquing Duck

The Far East Queer Perspective

Mark Ngina

Started by Mark Allan Karanja Ngina, a writer, journalist, and copy editor currently based in Beijing, China, in 2021, Piquing Duck was a solution to a need for a platform where Queer individuals living in and from China could share their experiences with the rest of the world.

Ngina was particularly inspired by the risk of erasure among Black and African Queer individuals in China, whose experiences pre-and post-COVID-19, had been subsumed under the larger “foreigners abroad” narrative, and their true experiences remained untold and thus unknown by the world. As a writer, Ngina has always enjoyed sharing the experiences of others through authentic, respectful, and insightful ways.

Piquing Duck is a play on words on Ngina’s adoptive home city’s most renowned cuisine – Peking Duck, and an ethos of telling authentic stories in a way designed to pique our readers’ interest in wanting to learn more about the subject matter, or inspire them to action. Piquing Duck aims to not only limit its storytelling to just the reaches of the Middle Kingdom, but as far and wide as the Far East is large, bold, beautiful, diverse, and authentic.

Reaching Out

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